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Charge your smartphone + tablet.

Without compromising style.

Charge your smartphone + tablet.

Introducing Apelpi

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Functionality with Design

Functionality with Design

The Apelpi external battery charger is a uniquely designed device to empower your active lifestyle and work day. Coming in various colors and capacities, the Apelpi Slim, Plus, and New (coming soon) will provide you a peace of mind while maintaining your individuality.

Each Apelpi comes with a micro-USB to USB charging cable and is compatible with all iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

For the casual user, look to the Slim. Those who need more power, the Plus. And for optimal style points, the New.

Don't let battery drain slow down life

We've all been there: hanging out with friends, working late, traveling with flight delays, kids playing with your tablet...as your gadgets battery nears 0%, then you're off in search of the nearest wall outlet. With Apelpi external battery chargers you can charge right where you're at without missing a beat. No waiting. No hassle.

One fully charged Apelpi Slim will double the battery life of your smartphone while Apelpi Plus and New will triple it. It's simple, charge your Apelpi the night before and carry it with you in your purse, bag, or pocket.

Take it out, connect it with your smartphone or tablet, and place it on the table. Functional and a great conversation starter.

Don't let battery drain slow down life
"I simply love it! I was skeptical at first but as soon as it arrived and I started using my Apelpi, I've been the envy of my girlfriends."

– Sophia M. from Houston, TX

"Great charger and well worth the cost. Will extend the life of my Kindle Fire on a very long flight next week."

– Alexandra S. from Newport Beach, CA

"I wish I bought this long ago. It's so useful to have. It comes with the necessary adapters for Android and iOS devices but you really don't need them since you already have them from your phone. I am planning on getting another one because my children frequently borrow my Apelpi."

– Craig B. from Chicago, IL

"Apelpi is a keeper. It's taken me out of jams when my various devices died. Oh, and the company is fantastic when it comes to customer service. I lost my USB cord and they graciously supplied me with another one ASAP! No hassle. Quickest way to gain my loyalty is to respond when I've got a problem."

– Jason S. from Trenton, NJ

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Luxe 5000 mAh - Blue Portable External Battery Charger Luxe 5000 mAh - Blue Portable External Battery Charger Luxe 5000 mAh - Blue Portable External Battery Charger
Introducing the new Luxe 5000 mAh Apelpi portable external battery charger. Wrapped in an aluminum shaved metal frame and double injected clear plastic molding, this sets the highest standard of style and performance for the Apelpi line. With two usb output ports, you'll get to charge multiple devices or share with those around you.