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Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, tech innovator Apelpi takes a whimsical approach to producing its highly practical next-gen accessories. Our Apelpi portable external battery chargers will drop jaws with its too-slim-to-be-true design and emblematic look while reliably reviving your mobile devices’ depleted power sources wherever you go.
  • "I’ve seen plenty of supplemental batteries for mobile gadgets, but they’re usually just rectangular bricks without any particular style about them. The guys over at Apelpi decided to do something about it, by releasing a line of external batteries that look like a slice of Apple." -Technabob.com
  • "In the beginning of a product life cycle, form tends to follow function. Take the horseless carriage: in the beginning, it looked like exactly what it was: a horseless carriage. But a few decades on, you start adding stereo systems and power windows and stuff, and you’ve got a melding of form and function that is a lot more pleasing than the original. (Well, sometimes.) And it’s clear that Arclyte has taken that idea and run with it when it comes to external batteries for your electronic gizmo." -Geardiary.com
  • "Although they say they are made for Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, these cute little apple chargers from apel pi actually work for any USB-chargeable smartphone or tablet. The Apelpi chargers have USB-chargeable Lithium-ion batteries. They have four LEDs to indicate charge level for the internal battery." - The-Gadgeteer.com
  • "It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy everything Spring/Summer has to offer. You’re most likely already planning your festival fashion along with an assortment of grassy-field friendly flats, yet one of our favorite parts of these festivals is snapping photos and videos of all the fun. Your cell phones are now your own personal AV Production team capturing the highlights for your blog, Facebook or Instagram. The problem is, all of that photo taking and video recording will be a major drain on your battery life, and while many events have charging stations, why wait in line for a power boost when you can gear up with your own personal charger? Apelpi is the perfect answer to your power-up needs and a great conversation starter with its apple shape design.  This way, no matter where you are, you’ll always be at 100%." -OliviaPalermo.com

  • "Boasting one of the most unique designs, Apelpi's MFi Apple certified Apelpi Plus charger is a fun little portable. But don't let its pretty appearance fool you - this little apple's got a powerful bite." -TechRadar.com

  • "I bought two of these: one Apelpi Plus and one Apelpi Slim. I kept the Plus and my wife is using the Slim (in Pink, of-course). It's an awesome product. They are both light, easy to take along with you, and they charge our gadgets quite fast. I also thought that the pricing is fairly reasonable. Before I had a similar device, much uglier, that cost me $70 and only had 2000mAh!" -DailyFresher.com
  • "I've received mine at the best possible time. Not only did we lose power thanks to the Hurricane Sandy but I also traveled to Seattle to attend PAX Prime. For both of these occasions, I was glad that I had a fully charged Apelpi since it was the only way to recharge my iPhone." -Gamezone.com
  • "Apelpi are the designers of a new gadget that enables a well-known functionality, but coming with an eye-catching, fresh look. Apelpi is a portable battery that charges your tablet or cell phone on the go, so you won’t need to quickly find a mains or an extra battery." -Ladiesgadgets.com

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